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Boxing & Kickboxing

Want to get in shape, learn footwork combinations, core conditioning and proper technique?

In this program you can hit pads, and if you have ever wanted to climb in the ring and feel what it’s like to fight out of the corner or work up against the ropes, this is the class for you. Experience what you see on TV in a fun safe environment. Learn the sweet science while getting fit and learning valuable self-defense skills at the same time. Supervised sparring is available but contact is your choice, if you want you can even get in the ring and test yourself with our instructors! Best part is they won't hit back unless you want them too because like all our programs, we are focused on creating a fun safe environment.


This program covers all aspects of the MMA world from fitness and agility to jiu jitsu, grappling, wrestling and submissions to knees, elbows kicks, punches and of course core conditioning.

Whether it's against the cage, on the mat or in the ring, you will learn and understand the world of MMA while getting fit and learning real self-defense skills at the same time. Supervised sparring will be available, but contact is your choice! You can even get in the ring or up against the cage and test yourself with our instructors, best part is they won't hit back or make you tap unless you want them too. Like all our programs we are focused on creating a fun, safe environment.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We are pleased to offer both gi and nogi jiu jitsu to our members and as an added bonus our program is based on two different professors with two different styles.

Brazillian jiu jitsu is one of the basic ground fighting aspects of MMA and is offered in no gi MMA style and traditional GI style.  Students will learn take downs, submissions and positional transitions to defend or submit an oponent by the use of leverage over brute force.  We have the pleasure of training in a coupe of awesome styles, Professor Rowan Cunningham's Cunningham jiu jitsu under Robert Drysdale
and Professor Roy Harris's style under Jesse Bongfeldt

BJJ is known as the gentle art and promotes patience, problem solving and fitness in a safe fun environment, all skill levells welcome.

Shoot Wrestling

Shoot Wrestling combines elements of Sambo, Wrestling and Judo into a 'total body' submission style. Shoot Wrestler's learn to move fluently from takedowns to ground submissions and finishing holds.

Studies have shown that most confrontations start on the feet but end up on the ground. The ability to takedown, control, and subdue an assailant can be extremely useful in a real-life situation.

What you will learn:

  • Throws and takedowns
  • Hand techniques to "set up" throws
  • Holddowns and escapes from holddowns
  • Turning your opponent over
  • Controlling from "the guard" (when your legs are scissored around opponent)
  • Arm locks, leg locks, and choke holds

Kids Program (Ages 5 - 10)

This is a fun based, kids oriented workout combined with proven techniques.

This program is focused on ensuring kids will learn to identify and avoid bullying situations, learn conflict resoultion and personal safety.

The curriculum is designed for kids to get a great little workout all while learning real skills and having fun all at the same time.

We are all parents ourselves and can not under state the importance of ensuring all childrens' safety, special pricing ensures this program is available to families with multipule children.